Club Rules and Reminders

All players must agree to these club rules and reminders every time they register for an event. All USCF rated games are governed by the full USCF rulebook; these are simply reminders of the more important ones along with some house rules we’ve added ourselves.


USCF Time Controls – Regular, Quick, Blitz… What are the Differences?

The US Chess Federation website isn’t too clear on the differences in the three time controls that show up on your page:

  • Regular
  • Quick
  • Blitz

For those used to online play and the time control categories there, the USCF time control descriptions map this way:

  • Regular = Classical
  • Quick = Rapid
  • Blitz = Blitz (minimum of 3+2, anything lower cannot be rated)

OK, that’s great. But what specific time controls correspond with these descriptions? Here’s a breakdown of what USCF Regular, Quick, and Blitz mean.


All About Keeping Notation in Chess

South Sound Chess provides official two-copy US Chess Federation scoresheets for our players at no charge.

These scoresheets allow you to write in pen on the top page and have a copy made on the backing sheet, which is typically yellow. After the game, both players sign the other’s sheet, circle the result, and both players submit their yellow sheet to the Tournament Director while keeping the top white scoresheet for themselves.

So… what’s notation all about?


Chess Events Scheduled for Des Moines in April 2023!

That’s right! South Sound Chess finally has some events on the schedule. Thanks to our new Vice President, Matthew Duran, we have meeting space at the Des Moines Gospel Church on Thursday evenings for USCF and unrated events.

Go check out the Events Page today to see what we’ve got going on Thursday evenings starting mid-April!

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