Club Rules and Reminders

All players must agree to these club rules and reminders every time they register for an event. All USCF rated games are governed by the full USCF rulebook; these are simply reminders of the more important ones along with some house rules we’ve added ourselves.

No Talking During the Game
Talking during games must be kept to an absolute minimum. “I adjust,” reasonable draw offers, and very rarely clarifying questions in hushed tones are the only acceptable things to say while the clocks are running.

No Analysis During the Round
If you want to analyze your game, go into the other room where boards are set up. Sign your scoresheet, turn it in, then go out there with your opponent to discuss. Do not do it in the playing hall.

Cell Phones on Silent + Screens Facing Down
Cell phones must be silenced / put into DND mode and their screens must be facing down. Face up screens, ringtones, noises, or other distractions will result in a single warning. Future infractions will incur time penalties and constant violations may result in a game forfeiture. Cell phones cannot be taken with you to the bathroom or outside during a round under any circumstance.

Headphones / Earbuds ARE Permitted
Due to occasionally noisy playing halls or outdoor areas (like the chess park), earbuds and headphones are allowed. If connected to a cell phone, the cell phone must be put into silent/DND mode, the music pre-selected offline (cannot interact with the phone during the game – if emergency, call the Tournament Director to witness), and the cell phone placed face down or in a separate bag for the duration of the round.

It is suggested that you bring earplugs with you if you are sensitive to outside noise and you don’t want to listen to music. South Sound Chess cannot and does not guarantee a noise-free or even a noise-limited environment. It is your responsibility to control your sensitivity to noise.

Touch Move Rule
If you touch a piece, you must move it. If the piece has no legal moves, there is no penalty for touching it. If you touch an opponent’s piece, you must capture it if possible. When castling, you must touch your king first. If you touch the rook first, you have to move the rook.

If your opponent touches a piece and doesn’t move it, you should stop the clock and call a Tournament Director.

Move a Piece? Hit the Clock with the Same Hand.
Pretty self-explanatory. If you a move a piece with your right hand, hit the clock with the right hand and vice versa. Two hand chess is not allowed.

Player w/ the Black Pieces Chooses the Clock Placement
The player who has the black pieces gets to choose which side of the board the clock goes on.

Three-Fold Repetition Rule
Three-fold repetition is when a position occurs three times in the same game. The repetition does not have to be consecutive. The draw should be claimed by the player who wants a draw, before making her move.

Notation Required?
Notation is required for all games rated Regular (or Dual-Rated) until either opponent reaches five minutes on their clock. Failure to take notation until this time will result in a time penalty.