Welcome to the home of the South Sound Chess Club!

Looking for a chess club in Seattle or Tacoma? Our new club is just what you need! We run low-cost and free events in the Seattle to Tacoma corridor, many of which are US Chess Federation (USCF) rated.

Currently we’re running events at the Des Moines Gospel Chapel and the Detective Cookie Chess Park (South Seattle) – for more information, go to our Contact page.

Our event schedule can always be found on the Events Page, and updates about the club, results from tournaments, and other information is on the Blog.

Membership to the South Sound Chess club is free, but USCF membership requires an annual fee. If there is a USCF rated event you want to play in, you must have a valid and active USCF membership before showing up – we are limited in our ability to process payments on-site most of the time, and may turn you away if you do not have an active membership upon arrival.

Join our Chess.com South Sound Chess club for free!

Detective Cookie Chess Park
Detective Cookie Chess Park in South Seattle

We hope you’ll join us for one of our tournaments! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates from the club, and check out our friends’ chess clubs:

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