Spring Rapid Open Registration Available!

Sign up for the SSCC Spring Rapid Open today! Come celebrate one year of the club’s history with us together in our first weekend tournament!


FORMAT: A 5-round Swiss event in one section. Maximum 42 players.
SCHEDULE: Check-in: 9-9:45am. Rounds (5): 10am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 2:30, 3:45pm.
Closing Ceremony ~ 5:00pm or ASAP.
TIME CONTROL: G/15; +10 sec. increment per move starting from move 1.
BYES: One half-point bye available; request at check-in.
PRIZE FUND: $840 based on 42 entries

1st: $250, 2nd: $175, 3rd: $125
U1800/U1600: $75
U1400/U1200: $50
U1000/Unrated: $50

RATING: US Chess rated Quick. Higher of January 2024 US Chess Regular or Quick rating will be used to determine
pairings and prizes.
MEMBERSHIP: US Chess Membership required.
HEALTH/SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Face masks optional for players and spectators.


Rapid Quads in Des Moines! 4.11.2024

Twelve players turned out for USCF Rapid Quads on April 11th, 2024! Free entry on Thursdays.


Announcing the Winter Rapid Open!

We are announcing the Winter Rapid Open on Saturday, February 17th, 2024 at Des Moines Gospel Chapel!

This is our first weekend tournament with an entry fee and prize pool – we’re excited to announce it early! Registration will be available early in the new year, but for loyal blog readers, we wanted to get it out to all players.

Block it off on the calendar and we’ll see you there.

2024 Winter Rapid Open at SSCC!
2024 Winter Rapid Open at SSCC!

Tournament Results: April 20th, 2023 (Rapid Quads, USCF Rated)

Our first USCF tournament was a great success, held on April 20th, 2023 at the Des Moines Gospel Chapel. We had 14 total players, 2 who showed up late, which caused Chief TD Kyle Boddy and Assistant TD Matthew Duran some stress!

However, in the end we figured it all out and ended up with two sections:

  1. Top Quad with 4 players
  2. 2nd Section that started with 6 players for the first round, then added two more for the second and third rounds

Top Quad Results

Quan Luong, the winner of last week’s Unrated Open Blitz tournament, scored a perfect 3.0/3.0 and won the section!

2nd Section Results

Khoi Le scored a perfect 3.0/3.0 and won the section! Khoi found us from this /r/chess reddit post that went unexpectedly viral!

Paul Smith won the puzzle solving drawing, earning a $5 gift card to Marina Mercantile.

The tournament was submitted this morning by Chief TD Kyle Boddy to the USCF for rating, so you should see your rating update in the next few days barring any complications.

Congrats to all of our winners, and we’ll see you next week for Hybrid Mini-Swiss games which are USCF Dual-Rated!

See photos and comments on our Facebook post for this event.



USCF Time Controls – Regular, Quick, Blitz… What are the Differences?

The US Chess Federation website isn’t too clear on the differences in the three time controls that show up on your page:

  • Regular
  • Quick
  • Blitz

For those used to online play and the time control categories there, the USCF time control descriptions map this way:

  • Regular = Classical
  • Quick = Rapid
  • Blitz = Blitz (minimum of 3+2, anything lower cannot be rated)

OK, that’s great. But what specific time controls correspond with these descriptions? Here’s a breakdown of what USCF Regular, Quick, and Blitz mean.