Classical Night – September 7th, 2023

Ten players came out for Classical Chess Night on Thursday, September 7th. USCF rated, totally free!


Go to our Events Page to catch the next one, and all the other events we put on down in Des Moines, WA!

Classical Chess Night - Des Moines
Classical Chess Night – Des Moines

September Events are Up!

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Note: A ton of Washington Chess Federation Events have been added to NWChess – take a look at them here:

Special mention to the Veteran’s Day Open on November 11th!

Veteran's Day Open - Seattle Chess
Veteran’s Day Open – Seattle Chess

Events Page Updated for August 2023!

All of the chess events for August 2023 are on the Events Page – give them a look!

Reminder: Registration opens the weekend before the Thursday event is scheduled. This is so people have ample time to sign up but don’t sign up a month out and fail to show up.

See you at the club! Remember, casual Saturdays are still going on at Marina Mercantile.


Events for June 2023 are up!

The Events Page has the tournaments for the first four weeks of June – give them a look and be sure to pre-register before showing up!

With summer break just around the corner, we expect more and more scholastic players to show up as well as college-aged people headed home for the break. We’ll lift the cap of 24 players as we get more equipment and ensure we can run our tournaments correctly as-is.

Thanks so much for making the club a great success!

See you this week for classical!


Tournament Results: April 20th, 2023 (Rapid Quads, USCF Rated)

Our first USCF tournament was a great success, held on April 20th, 2023 at the Des Moines Gospel Chapel. We had 14 total players, 2 who showed up late, which caused Chief TD Kyle Boddy and Assistant TD Matthew Duran some stress!

However, in the end we figured it all out and ended up with two sections:

  1. Top Quad with 4 players
  2. 2nd Section that started with 6 players for the first round, then added two more for the second and third rounds

Top Quad Results

Quan Luong, the winner of last week’s Unrated Open Blitz tournament, scored a perfect 3.0/3.0 and won the section!

2nd Section Results

Khoi Le scored a perfect 3.0/3.0 and won the section! Khoi found us from this /r/chess reddit post that went unexpectedly viral!

Paul Smith won the puzzle solving drawing, earning a $5 gift card to Marina Mercantile.

The tournament was submitted this morning by Chief TD Kyle Boddy to the USCF for rating, so you should see your rating update in the next few days barring any complications.

Congrats to all of our winners, and we’ll see you next week for Hybrid Mini-Swiss games which are USCF Dual-Rated!

See photos and comments on our Facebook post for this event.