Events Page Updated for August 2023!

All of the chess events for August 2023 are on the Events Page – give them a look!

Reminder: Registration opens the weekend before the Thursday event is scheduled. This is so people have ample time to sign up but don’t sign up a month out and fail to show up.

See you at the club! Remember, casual Saturdays are still going on at Marina Mercantile.

Events Rules

Dual-Rated Events – New Time Control

Our Dual-Rated events that count towards USCF Regular and Quick ratings have had their time controlĀ reduced from G/40; d15 to G/30; d15.

This means that it is no longer 40 minutes base time, but 30 minutes. We are making the change to shorten up these events, as the 2nd round depends on the 1st round’s results and the last event went longer than usual.

They will still be “close ratings” meaning that you will play someone close to your rating in the first round guaranteed. In the second round, we pair by the first round results (win/lose/draw) but also try to keep the ratings close as well. Unrated or provisionally rated players may be paired with rated players of similar skill as per USCF recommendations.