November Events on the Site

We’ve updated the Events Page for November at the Des Moines Gospel Chapel!

Classical this week and blitz the following week. We’re retiring Dual-Rated Games due to lack of interest and we’re taking suggestions on what to replace it with. Shoot us an email – we’re thinking about going with another unrated week, possibly blitz, possibly rapid.

No event on Thanksgiving! 

Events Page: 


Classical Night – September 7th, 2023

Ten players came out for Classical Chess Night on Thursday, September 7th. USCF rated, totally free!


Go to our Events Page to catch the next one, and all the other events we put on down in Des Moines, WA!

Classical Chess Night - Des Moines
Classical Chess Night – Des Moines

Tournament Results: April 27th, 2023 (Hybrid Mini-Swiss, USCF Dual-Rated)

We had 16 total players for tonight’s mini-swiss, dual-rated event! Congratulations to the following players who got a perfect 2.0/2.0 in their two games:

  • Henry Hua
  • Khoi Ngoc Le
  • Nehanraj Ramesh

We’ll see you next week for Classical! We shortened up the time control to G/60; d30. Still one single slow game.

For pictures of the event, check out our Facebook page!


All About Keeping Notation in Chess

South Sound Chess provides official two-copy US Chess Federation scoresheets for our players at no charge.

These scoresheets allow you to write in pen on the top page and have a copy made on the backing sheet, which is typically yellow. After the game, both players sign the other’s sheet, circle the result, and both players submit their yellow sheet to the Tournament Director while keeping the top white scoresheet for themselves.

So… what’s notation all about?


Tournament Results: April 13th, 2023 (Open Blitz, Unrated)

Our first tournament is in the books!

On Thursday, April 13th, 2023, we hosted ten players for an unrated open blitz tournament at Des Moines Gospel Chapel. Quan Luong got clear first with 4.5/5.0 while Max McCall and Matthew Duran shared 2nd with 3.5/5.0.

We had a puzzle on-site which three people solved correctly. From those three, we drew one random winner, and James Senzee got a $5 gift card to our local sponsor, Marina Mercantile!